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Programs & Services

Building Strategic Relationships

Experiencing frustration with your current supply chain, products, or vendor(s) because it's their way or no way?  

M5 Supply offers custom programs and services that uniquely cater to your business needs. Whether your focus is on cost savings, continuous improvement, or strategic sourcing - M5 Supply builds upon elite Fortune 200 supply chain knowledge to drive solutions to your business.

We welcome improvement ideas/programs that integrate with your company's methodologies. 

Simplified Packaging in 5 Easy Steps

Let's Drive Simplicity

Schedule a free consolation to understand more about our simplified packaging program. Cultivating years of Sourcing experience from elite Fortune 200 Supply Chains - our Management team is committed to helping your business succeed with detailed process steps, tools, & templates.

1) Understand Spend Portfolio

​2) Organize into Actionable Spend

3) Identify Key Metrics Important to Your Org

4) Encourage & Ensure Collaboration with M5 Supply

5) Always be Improving

Custom Supply Solutions

Let us help YOU

M5 Supply is committed to working with our customers and finding supply solutions unique to your business. We are able to offer a variety of programs that can enhance common purchasing metrics including:

  • Inventory Management

  • Cost Savings

  • On Time Delivery

  • Process Simplification

We understand no two businesses are the same and we are dedicated to allocating our resources & efforts to simplify your supply chain

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